CBD: Safe and effective?

In an additional study, long-term heavy cannabis users showed a reduction in HIP volume (Yücel et al., 2016; Yücel et al., 2008), and gray matter density. An inverse correlation of the ratio THC/CBD with the volume of the right HIP was noted. CBD correlated positively with gray matter concentration, is cannabidiol addictive but not with […]

Addiction Therapy West Palm Beach

Everyone living in a sober home has recently completed addiction treatment and therefore all have the same goal, which is to remain clean and sober. Because of that shared interest and goal, all the members of a sober home are there for each other and can be there as a support system whenever someone needs […]

What is Eid al-Fitr? 6 questions about the holiday and how Muslims celebrate it, answered

Content Self-Care and Wellness Activities Year Anniversary All-Inclusive Vacations You’re Skilled at Overcoming Challenges Concerned about a loved one?​ This newfound strength empowers them to overcome obstacles and make positive choices that support their sobriety. Some individuals choose to mark the occasion privately, reflecting on their achievements and setting new goals for the future. Others […]